“A Southern Perspective on the North”
“With the Head up North”


The working group Arctic and Subarctic (AAS) is an academic network, based in Vienna. We share the passion and interest for the arctic and subarctic regions in the North of America, Europe and Asia. Our aim is to disseminate northern issues to a wider, mostly German speaking, scientific and popular audience.

We are an interdisciplinary group of researchers, with a focus on social science. Yet, we are also open to science, arts, and popular culture. We share our interests and knowledge, thus provide a scientific platform. Additionally, we organize lectures, conferences, as well as exhibitions or film screenings, and promote scientific publications.

Our scientific interest focuses on indigenous peoples as well as on non-indigenous peoples living in the Arctic and Subarctic. Our research concers climate change, globalization, material culture, history, geography, archaeology, folklore studies, political science and cultural and social anthropology.

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How it began…

In 1997 several anthropology students from the department of ethnography (Univ. of Vienna) joined forces and met regularily on an informal basis to discuss northern issues. These meetings led to the foundation of an association – called the A.A.S. in 2000. Through time new members brought new insights and new ideas – and the working group grew with its members. Within this framework we promote northern issues in Austria for more than a decade.